Applied Biomechanics for Coaches and Clinicians (ABCs)

Integrate biomechanical testing and analysis into your practice to improve your athletic development and rehabilitation outcomes
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Biomechanics is everywhere!!!

This course will introduce you to all the key concepts in biomechanics, clarify the terminology and methodology used to generate biomechanical data and will provide you a system and structure to interpret force plate and motion capture data. 
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We get asked on an almost daily basis how to get started using biomechanics in your practice and what resources are available to ease that process. So we developed this course to help coaches and clinicians start or develop their understanding of biomechanics and biomechanical technology so they can be confident to integrate it into their practice straight away. 
Dr. Enda King PhD, MSc, ASCC
While the biomechanical technology and analytics are developing all the time, they are underpinned by fundamental theory and principles. This course will take you through those principles and how they apply to your practice. We will break down and how to use force plate and motion capture technology currently available and where that technology will go in the future. 
Dr. Chris Richter, PhD

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Course Participants

This course will be of benefit to


Those involved in applied or academic positions who want to improve their understanding of biomechanics to better understand the research in the area and integrate into their own work. 

Sports Scientists

Those responsible for the collection, processing, analysis and visualisation of data including biomechanical data to better understand the pitfalls in biomechnical testing and analysis and how best to visualise and translate their findings. 


Those who want to be able to more comprehensively profile their athletes to identify areas to unlock their athletic performance, better individualise their programming and track their athletic development over time.


Those who are looking for more detailed assessment to identify the factors contributing to ongoing injury, to aid in decision making around return to play, to identify risk factors for future injury and to track the efficacy of their rehabilitation programs in developing the desired physical adaptations over time. 
This course is full of amazing detailed knowledge about motion and biomechanics, technologies and data analysis. It could be named Applied Biomechanics ABC’s - Z because the breadth of subject matter is that great. The course includes a video introduction into the motion capture lab, followed by guided instruction in interpreting results, and finishing up with using that knowledge to read and evaluate research papers. The research module could be a whole course in itself, and a module for every clinician who practices evidence based care.
I wholeheartedly recommend this course for physical therapists and other clinicians who work with analyzing movements.
Dr. Richter and Dr. King are both generous in sharing their knowledge with the clinical community, and they are brilliant hosts!
Kim Clarno,
When it comes to understanding movement for sports performance and injury prevention, there is no one better than Enda.
I have had the pleasure of speaking to him multiple times on the podcast and each time he brings practical, easy to understand information.
I have no doubt that this course will be amazing. 
Rob Pacey
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Frequently asked questions

Why should I do this course?

This course will allow you to immediately start to integrate biomechanical analysis into your work, discuss biomechanical results and analysis with colleagues and athletes and provide you with the base knowledge needed to start reading biomechanical research to build your knowledge further. 

What will it cover?

It will cover all the key components you need to start or expand your use and knowledge of biomechanics including:
Fundamental Theory
Biomechanics Technology
Athlete Profiling
Biomechanical Analysis
Future Directions of Biomechanics

How long will I have access for?

You will have access to the course for 1 year and and be able to comment on the forum, ask questions and go back and repeated watch the content, which will be updated regularly, throughout that period. 

What if I find the course is not suitable for me?

We appreciate how valuable your time and resources are so if you are not 100% satisfied with the content in the first week after purchase we will provide you with a full refund. 
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